A Curated Course of Kundalini Yoga + Yogic Cleansing

How would you like to feel light, energetic, and radiant? How would you like to have a mind that is sharp and clear like a diamond? What would your body feel like if you started to move old traumas, wounding and imprints from it, if you cleansed it of toxins and balanced your glandular system? How would your life unfold differently if you were focused, charged and full of enthusiasm and hope? What do you think you could call into being for your self if you let go of old and limited subconscious thought patterns?

Deeply cleanse, revitalize + heal!

  • Kundalini Yoga

    Through this three week course we will utilize the powerful and potent technology of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, to cleanse the mind, the body, the subtle bodies and to tone and strengthen the nerves, glands, organs and metabolism so that you feel clear, radiant and full of vitality.

  • Detox

    In addition to the Yogic practices, you will receive two specially curated Yogic Detox options to cleanse the body, remove toxins from the system and nourish your glands and organs. Done along with the yogic practices, these curated cleanses deeply heal and reset the body and allow you to feel healthy, light and energetic!

The Course Includes

  • Two gentle yogic detox options

  • Daily practice homework with instructions

  • 5 recorded Kundalini Yoga classes for practice with curated kriyas + meditations to cleanse and revitalize

  • 3 live Office Hours with Sevapreet on Facebook

  • Private FB Group with community support

  • Specially selected teachings from Yogi Bhajan

  • VIP upgrade option

Enrollment closes March 20th!

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VIP option

  • Want extra support?

    If you need additional assistance, upgrade to the VIP package for $349 which provides 1 - 1:1 private support consultation and 21 days of email support. If you are interested in this, please send me an email as there are only 9 spots available.

Ready to uncover your most radiant and beautiful self -- inside and out?

This cleanse only happens ONCE a year, don't miss your chance to heal your body, re-set your mind and re-energize your whole system so you can feel your absolute best! Course begins March 20th.

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